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Dorothy Cavanagh   (#34)   

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Irvine, CA
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Contemporary California Impressionist, Dorothy Cavanagh  enjoys painting near the coast in Southern California where she was born and raised.  Her interest in art began early from her portrait artist grandmother, for whom she remembers posing as a child.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA (French), and began painting while raising three little ones.  She began in studio, copying her favorite masters’ styles, Pissarro, Van Gogh and Bonnard.  After years of classical art studies and workshops with contemporaries whose work she loves, she has focused on her own style of colors true to nature, with brush strokes that allow the paint to flow into soft edges.
     Painting excursions take her to places where nature really pulls her in, the lavender and sunflower fields of Provence, the golden vineyards of Napa, the hillside villas in Tuscany, or the dwindling open fields of strawberries and eucalyptus near her home in Irvine.