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Our members enjoy great benefits throughout the year. SOCALPAPA offers members demos by well-known professional artists, juried art shows and sales, weekly paint-outs, paint-aways to interesting locations outside of Orange County and a fun holiday party to end the year.
Membership is $65 per calendar year. Renewals are made during December and January of each year.  Please be aware that should you choose to join our group late in the year, or renew late, we will be unable to grant an extension of the fee into the following year.

We love our art patrons - your membership is a cool $35/year.
Student memberships are $35/year.
Join our group of enthusiastic outdoor painters - be part of the fun - and click here to sign up:

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DEMO/WORKSHOP with Toni Danchik - January 26
Location:  DaVinci Paint Company, Rancho Santa Margarita

For time and address, please click Events Calendar above, then Jan 26.  For what to bring to the workshop, see the list in our Weekly Bulletin.

Toni Danchik always has her eyes open and camera ready to capture special moments when they occur. It could be a certain lighting on a child at play, someone walking their dogs, the interaction between seagulls on the beach, some fruit lying on a counter top or simply a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Part of what attracts her is the “story” behind every image. 

Toni says she looks for good design, the interaction of shapes, colors, and the effects of light on a subject. She tries to stay true to her first feeling and heartfelt response to her subject and she is always mindful of how she applies paint to the canvas by using expressive brush stokes to keep her work rich and engaging. 

Her work has been displayed at many national and international juried competitions and shows and she has won numerous awards. Her work has also appeared in several juried OPA National and Regional Shows. A list of her awards can be seen on her website. Her biggest career highlight was as an exhibiting artist at the 2017 Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach California.

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                         FEATURED ARTIST    Wendy Wirth


“The elusive light of nature is a constant inspiration. That’s what guides me to keep exploring and recording life’s little moments. Quiet memories of time spent well.”

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Wendy spent her childhood falling in love with California’s golden hillsides, sweeping vistas and majestic shorelines. Honoring the tradition of the early outdoor painters, she strives to convey the atmosphere, depth, and drama of the modern painted landscape. 

It’s that magic edge between darkness and light that draws her in; the long shadow, the blush of twilight, a dramatic pop of color, and that spectacular light show at the end of the day that inspires her paintings most.

Exploring the landscape with Acrylic, Wendy prefers to begin her works directly from life. With only about two hours of precious light before the sun changes everything, capturing that first impression on site is the essential part. Then in her studio she’ll continue to build depth into the work using layers of paint for subtle color changes. Her paintings impart a sense of mood, place and time, translating the scene in a true-to-site historical manner. 

A Cal State Fullerton graduate, Wendy enjoyed a twenty-year career in Illustration and Graphic Arts before immersing herself in painting full time. Wendy is extremely honored to be returning in 2018 for her 9th year as an Exhibitor at the prestigious Laguna Beach Festival of Arts.

To learn more about Wendy's work, please click this button: Wendy Wirth Fine Art